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Join us as we take you on a journey. With first hand experience, allow us to show you all this amazing world has to offer. As a multicultural couple from 2 different countries and through The Travelling Chilli, we would like to offer you a unique perspective an all things travel related. Although our prime speciality is Southern Africa, we have also travelled extensively  to many other places around the world. We would love to open our suit cases of experiences to show you how it is possible, but more importantly, why you should travel more often!

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South Africa Food Guide – 7 of the most popular dishes

  Stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, dramatic mountain ranges and attractive beaches make South Africa a very inviting holiday destination. The country is a melting pot of a great diversity of cultures which is why it’s also named ‘The Rainbow...

Safari in South Africa – A practical guide

    Going on a safari in South Africa is an unforgettable travel experience and therefore listed high on many people’s bucket lists. The word safari derives from the Swahili language, meaning “journey”. In other words, you will embark on a journey for a...

Discover the unique Cape Peninsula in South Africa

A tour of the Cape Peninsula is a must do when visiting Cape Town in South Africa. It makes a perfect day tour out of Cape Town around one of the most scenic areas of the country. The Cape Peninsula is a rocky outcrop on the most southwestern tip of the African...

Mobile Internet – Online in South Africa

It might seem like a contradiction in terms to see the words ‘internet’ and ‘Africa’ in the same sentence, much like ‘government’ and ‘intelligence’. While the concept of government intelligence is highly debatable the...

Lessons I learnt while travelling South Africa

  Travelling has taught me many life lessons and has enriched my life in many ways. At the same time travelling has also taught me a lot about the countries I’ve visited over the years. I’ve become familiar with cultures and habits, history and sightings, food...

6 reasons why Botswana is a unique travel destination

  Botswana is a country in Southern Africa with endless possibilities when it comes to landscape, wildlife and nature. For good reason, Botswana was named by Lonely Planet as the top travel destination in 2016. It’s a country with a great range of scenery being...

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