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With first hand experience, allow us to show you all this amazing world has to offer. As a multicultural couple from 2 different countries, namely Belgium & South Africa, it is through The Travelling Chilli that we would love to offer you a unique perspective on almost all things travel related.

Although our prime speciality is Southern Africa, we have also travelled extensively to many other places in Africa and the rest of the world. With that said, we would love to open our suit cases of experiences to show you how it is possible, but more importantly, why you should travel more often, especially in Africa!

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Complete guide to Kruger National Park in South Africa

Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of Africa's largest and premier game reserves. No visit to South Africa is complete without going on a safari in the Kruger National Park. Due to its easy access and excellent infrastructure Kruger National Park provides one...

25 Photos to inspire you to visit Mozambique

  The first time I travelled to Mozambique I had no idea what to expect of the country. I had just returned to South Africa from a trip to East Africa and was still reminiscing over the beaches of Zanzibar, the chilled vibe at Lake Malawi and the spectacular wildlife...

26 Top things to do in Durban under R100

  This buzzing coastal metropolis, located in the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa, provides year round activities and fun for any visitor. The sunny beaches and the warm water of the Indian ocean invite thrill seeking adventure lovers, beach bums, surfers, food...

21 Interesting facts about Belgium most people don’t know

  Belgium is a strange naughty little but also highly underrated country situated in the heart of western Europe. Most people have been to Belgium as part of a 'drive by' on their mainland European road trip and have visited one or two main tourist cities, yet all...

Best things to do in Doha Qatar

  Located in the Persian Gulf and only bordering land with Saudi Arabia, Qatar is one of the seven Arab States. Qatar is a small country, but it is also a very diverse, fast-growing tourist destination. There is strong development in tourism facilities, especially in...

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