Located in the extreme southern part of the African continent, South Africa makes a unique tourist destination. Home to some of the most diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife and world renowned cities, these are some great reasons to visit South Africa, any visitor will be amazed by what the country has to offer. Having visited South Africa many times over the last years, I can only say that once you have discovered a part, you will want to come back for more.

sunset over flat topped mountain from the beach

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Being married to a South African just opened more opportunities for me to discover the great outdoors, the lesser touristy areas and the off the beaten paths. I would say, no more excuses, here are my 13 reasons why you should visit South Africa.

Many visitors will ask themselves; where to go in South Africa, what are the best places to visit in South Africa and what are the things to see in South Africa?

So here is why we think you should visit South Africa:

South Africa has abundant wildlife

South Africa is home to an abundant variety of wildlife, nearly 300 species of mammals and 850 species of birds. There is excellent game viewing all over the country in the various national parks. Going on a safari and spotting the famous Big Five animals is high on top of many people’s bucket lists. One of the reasons for visiting South Africa is going on a safari of a lifetime. Kruger National Park is the largest game park in the country. Kruger park is very easy to visit and will provide for one of the best safari in South Africa. Another very popular park that most tourists will include on a trip to South Africa is Addo Elephant Park, located close to the beautiful Garden Route.

herd of elephants drinking at a waterhole
Herd of elephants at the waterhole in Punda Maria Restcamp, Kruger National Park

Adventure capital of the world

South Africa is a great destination for any adrenaline junkie. There is not much that cannot be done in the country when it comes to any adrenaline indulged activity. From bungee jumping, to paragliding, abseiling, kite surfing, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, skydiving, deep sea fishing, surfing, scuba diving, even skiing…and so much more. With the great outdoors scenery and the beautiful climate, there is never a dull moment in South Africa.

deep sea seed boat getting ready to take tourists out to sea
Speed boat in Tsitsikamma National Park

To name a few important activities, at 216 metres, the Bloukrans bungee jump is recognised as the highest commercial jump in the world, the Cape Argus Cycling Tour is the worlds largest individually timed cycling race and the Comrades marathon is the world’s oldest ultra marathon race.

view on concrete arch bridge and bungee jumping
Bloukrans bridge bungee jump

The Oldest Wine Industry Outside Europe

One of the places to see in South Africa are the Winelands in the Western Cape. Even though South Africa is considered as one of the new world wine countries, it’s wine history dates back some 350 years. The first grapes were pressed in 1659. Today, South Africa is the worlds 9th largest wine producer. The famous Route 62 is said to be the worlds longest wine route, with seemingly countless wine farms, vineyards and even brandy cellars. The Pinotage is South Africa’s signature grape and makes an excellent blend of wine.

When in South Africa, visit the Cape Winelands, with its sunlit vineyards and dramatic mountain ranges.

Cape Town

Cape Town is considered to be one of the most international cities in the world, a cosmopolitan melting pot of people, culture and food. It’s a vibrant city with lot’s of atmosphere and things to do for any visitor. Cape Town is also one of the most visited cities in Africa. Who would not like to have a look at one of the worlds natural wonders, Table Mountain? So Cape Town is definitely one of the cities to visit in South Africa as well as a very good reason to visit South Africa in general.

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Table Mountain from Blouberg Strand

South Africa is a photographer’s paradise

With some of the most spectacular landscapes, famous South African landmarks, amazing wildlife, beautiful people and famous landmarks, South Africa is a haven for any photographer, professional and amateur. And the country boasts a lot of very Instagrammable places. Cape Town is such a city with a lot of very Instagram-worthy places to get the best shot for any Instagram account or personal photo book.

Culinary variety

South Africa is a melting pot of cultures, which of course also has an influence on the food scene. The variety in flavours, ingredients and ways of cooking is just phenomenal. One can have a spicy Indian curry, a hearty stew made in a cast iron pot over an open fire, an outdoor braai (barbecue), a sweet Malay curry, sushi, ‘pap en vleis’ and so much more. Did you know that the South African braai is an important part of the local food culture?

half loaf of bread hollowed out and filled with curry
Durban Bunny Chow (no bunnies involved)
picture of a milk tart with brown stars
Melk Tert

Great value for money

Another great reason to visit South Africa is the great value for money you will get. Any type of budget will be suitable for visitors to South Africa. There is something for every wallet, from very luxurious to highly affordable. South Africa is not reserved for a specific visitor with either lots of money or on a tight budget. From luxury indulgence in a private game resort to a budget safari in Kruger National Park, from highly priced activities to free hikes in the mountains, from luxury 7 star hotels to a dormitory bed in a backpacker hostel.

Ethnic and cultural diversity

south african women in traditional dresses

South Africa is also known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’, meaning a nation that joins a great variety of cultures and languages, all living together as ‘One Nation’.

South Africa has a rich history, which dates back to some of the earliest human settlements, to the first inhabitants, the San, to the Bantu speaking tribes and more recent the European integration in the country. Various sites can be visited to see and experience the different stages of history. For example, the Battlefields, the Cradle of Humankind, the Bushman rock paintings, various cultural villages and places of more recent history such as Soweto and Robben Island.

woman with traditional paint on her face

Premium Game Reserves

South Africa has a great collection of wildlife and game reserves, either private or public. Each and every one of them has unique scenery, climate and landscape, with wildlife adjusted to that specific area. With nearly 1 million visitors per year, the largest and most famous wildlife park by far is Kruger National Park. Other largely visited game parks are St. Lucia Wetlands, Hluhluwe and Addo National Park. Many people will visit South Africa to see wildlife and to experience their first safari.

Apart from the national and public parks, South Africa hosts lot’s of private game reserves, each and every one being unique and special.

Giraffe in Pilanesberg National Park

Whale Watching

South Africa is also one of the worlds best destinations for whale watching. Being it from a boat or even from the coastal shores, every year multiple whale species migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctica area to warmer climates en route via South African waters. You can basically see whales all along the coast. The most popular area for whale watching is Hermanus where whales are regularly spotted swimming in the bay and can be seen from the shore.

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Very diverse landscapes

South Africa is the worlds 3rd most biodiverse country and is the only country in the world holding its own floral kingdom. This means the country has some of the most spectacular landscapes and diverse scenery. A large part of the country is semi-desert, but there is also a very long coastal line, multiple mountain ranges, as well as plenty flower varities, forests, and savannah areas.

windmill in the desert
The Great Karoo

Family friendly travelling

South Africa is a very family friendly destination. Hygiene standards are high, hardly any medications need to be taken and the countries infrastructure is world class. Most campsites or accommodations will cater for families with children. And there are plenty of activities that are enjoyable for kids, like going on a safari and spotting wildlife, huge play parks with trampolines, as well as hiking and swimming, to name but a few. It’s a great country for a first time visit to the African continent for any family and the kids will be excited about all the great indoor and outdoor experiences they will encounter.

A 4×4 lovers paradise

The off-road and 4×4 culture in South Africa is huge. Even though the general road infrastructure is really great, there are many 4×4 trails for any off-road lover. Even some national or nature parks are best explored with a 4×4 vehicle.
The famous Sani Pass between Lesotho and South Africa should only be visited with a 4×4, same for the Baviaanskloof and some routes in national parks like Mountain Zebra and Karoo NP.

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Why do people visit South Africa?

This quote of Ernest Hemingway sums it all up: ‘I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy.’

I can only confirm this.

What is the best time to visit South Africa?

South Africa is a year round travel destination and any time is fine to visit this beautiful country. The only thing to keep in mind is that the Western Cape and Cape Town have their rain season during wintertime and the rest of the country has summer rainfall. Due to the winter rains, Cape Town can be cloudy and cold during the months of July and August, but don’t let the rain put you off to visit South Africa.

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