15 most popular travel photos on instagram

It has now been one year ago that we created our Instagram account. I have always loved travel photography and Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing the best photos of our travels. I must say that Instagram has become pretty addictive. It’s a great way to see other people’s photos and at the same time to see if followers like a certain photo of our trip.

On average we try to upload a photo every other day.  We have been travelling in the most remote places in Southern Africa the past months with hardly any internet access. For that reason, uploading a photo a day has not been possible and that’s also why our photos are not that instant. We select the best ones afterwards, out of the few thousands…We do like taking lot’s of photos and memories of great places. Most of our photos are taken with a DSLR, but also a GoPro or an ancient iphone 5.

Instagram has also given us the opportunity to meet other instagrammers from South Africa during the first Instameet last September. It was great to meet people with various interests, not only travel and to learn their style of photography.

We have gone through our photos on Instagram of 2015 and made a selection of our more popular photos that we have shared on Instagram. At the same time it gives a great summary of our travels of 2015. If you would like to see the photos directly on our Instagram account, use this link.

15 of our most popular travel photos on Instagram in 2015




The beginning of 2015 was spent in Belgium. Bruges is a beautiful medieval city in Belgium which looks like it is straight out of a fairy tale. Taking a stroll through the maze of narrow cobble stone alleys, discovering picturesque squares and taking a boat tour on the canals is the best way to explore this city.

Bruges – A mysterious city of legends



Western Canada


We travelled to Canada in 2014, were we had 3 months to explore beautiful British Columbia and Alberta. We took so many photos that we only had time at the end of 2015 to go through them to make a selection of the best ones. This stunning landscape was taken during our road trip in British Columbia, were we were so impressed by the deep blue colours of the lakes in between the mountains.


The partly frozen lake in Banff looked just stunning with its turquoise blue waters.


Kruger National Park in South Africa


Most of 2015 we were exploring Southern Africa. Kruger National Park is the largest safari park in the area, and even though we have already been there so many times during our travels, we decided to spend a few weeks in the northern part of the park. What a difference with the more touristic southern part, slightly less animals but more quiet and beautiful nature. It goes without saying that we saw some of the most stunning sunsets in this part of the world.

Kruger National Park – 6 Breathtaking highlights from the north



Marakele National Park in South Africa


Marakele National Park is one of the newer and smaller parks of South Africa. We discovered there that the winding road will take you to the top with the most awesome views.

Marakele National Park – A hidden gem off the beaten track



Marakele also has a great campsite where the wildlife just walks in… for tea, or something…





Most national parks in Southern Africa have great and diverse wildlife. Elephants are animals that are always very inspiring to look at. The way the matriarch leads the breeding herd or how the bull elephants roam through the trees looking for the greenest leaves.

And zebras always make a great photo, they are so photogenic.




Sani Pass between Lesotho and South Africa


We drove the epic Sani Pass, a mountain pass connecting South Africa and Lesotho. When you reach the top of the pass, you can have a drink in the highest pub in Africa, overlooking the pass with this view.

Drive the epic Sani Pass – Road to the Sky




Lesotho is a small mountain kingdom completely surrounded by South Africa. It’s a very interesting country, even though it is not very well known by many tourists. The country has lot’s of challenging roads and magnificent views. We were fortunate to discover it with our Landy Defender during our road trip through the country.

13 Interesting Facts About Lesotho


A perfect spot for camping


Southern Africa is a perfect destination for camping, which is what we have mainly done during our road trip. Some of the places had breathtaking views, like this one in the mountains of Lesotho.


Karoo in South Africa


The Karoo is a semi desert area covering nearly 40% of South Africa. We covered a large part of the Karoo during our road trip, visiting the national parks in the region. We spent nearly a week in Karoo National Park near Beaufort West discovering the dramatic landscapes, fossil remains of dinosaurs and varied wildlife. A typical sign of the Karoo are the windmills, pumping up borehole water for the animals to drink in an otherwise dry desert.



Our road trip took us as well to the southern part of Namibia, with all its highlights. Namibia is by far one of our favourite countries. We have visited it many times but every time we find something new to discover and explore. One of the highlights of every trip to Namibia are the red dunes of Sossusvlei. They provide perfect photographic opportunities, especially during sunset or sunrise.

13 Interesting Facts About Namibia


The roads in Namibia can really be called ‘the road less travelled’. We could even have our picnic lunch in the middle of the road, without being disturbed by traffic.



At the end of our trip we visited the Kgalagadi National Park, where you can find the huge black mane Kalahari lions, typical with the black manes. I still have to upload the photos, but this lion brought back memories of a lion park in Zimbabwe. They can be so peaceful when they sleep (or pretend to sleep).


Which is your favourite Instagram travel photo of 2015?


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15 Most Popular Travel Photos on Instagram


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