Prague is one of those cities in Eastern Europe that is becoming every year more and more popular to visit. From students on a budget, to the more intermediate and luxury traveller, Prague is listed on many peoples bucket lists as a great city break, and for good reason. Prague is a charming medieval city with a very rich political, cultural and economic history.

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Photos to inspire you to visit Prague

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The best way to explore the city of Prague is on foot, so expect long walking days. Walking around allows you to get lost in the mazes of narrow cobble stoned alleys and to savour the atmosphere in the picturesque squares. It is the best way to indulge yourself in the amazing architecture and history of the many buildings. Prague attracts many visitors from all over the world, turning the city during peak season into a bustling multicultural metropolis with some fantastic European ambience. Everyone wants to enjoy some of the cities major attractions, such as the Charles Bridge, the Prague castle, the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Square.

Prague is also a great city for photography during the day as well as at night time. Sometimes photos can say more than words especially with such a picturesque city in the Czech Republic. So sit back, relax and enjoy the journey to Prague through my photography.

Old Town Squary in Prague Czech Republic
Old Town Square

25 Photos that will inspire you to visit Prague

Prague and its architecture

One of the things you cannot avoid when visiting Praque is its beautiful and magnificent architecture. From Gothic to Baroque, Romanesque and Renaissance, Prague has it all. The historic city centre is listed on the Unesco World Heritage List and is one of the few medieval city centres that survived the test of time since the Middle Ages. In fact, the whole city of Prague consists of a spectacular mix of architecture blended from the 11th up until the 18th century. You also find beautiful coloured houses like in nearby Karlovy Vary.

Prague city view Czech Republic
Prague City view
City view Prague Czech Republic
City view from Vltava river

The river Vltava runs through Prague

The river Vltava runs all the way through the city centre of Prague and divides the city over both riverbanks. On the one side you will find the New and the Old Town and on the other, the Prague Castle with the quaint MalΓ‘ Strana neighbourhood. The river bank promenades on which the restaurants have set up their terraces makes for a great place to sit and relax or to have a romantic stroll while enjoying the view of the Castle, especially at night when the Castle is lit. You can also rent a pedal boat or take one of the multitude of river cruises that are on offer in order to enjoy the sunset from on the water.

Vltava River view by night in Prague
Vltava River view at sunset
Vltava River Prague Czech Republic
Relaxing at the Vltava River
Vltava River view by night in Prague
Vltava River view by night
Prague Czech Republic
Prague architecture

The Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is, according to the Guiness Book of Records, the largest castle complex in the world. The Prague Castle, dating from the 9th century, is standing gracefully high while overlooking the Old Town and the Vltava river. Climbing the stairs to the entrance is worthwhile for both visiting the castle as well as having a beautiful view over the city of Prague. Together with the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the city and definitely on any itinerary when visiting Prague. The entrance is free and opening times vary depending on the season.

Prague Castle Czech Republic
Prague Castle
City View Prague Czech Republic
City View
Golden Lane Prague Castle Czech Republic
Golden Lane in the Prague Castle

The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is the most famous and most visited tourist attraction of Prague. I was hopeful to get a glimpse of the bridge without any people, and preferably with the early mist slowly fading away. But I guess I will have to revisit during winter time and during a month with less visitors, which is unlikely, as Prague is busy almost all year round. We were in Prague during summer along with most of the rest of Europe and plenty other people from all over the world. It was pleasantly busy on the bridge. Apart from the numerous tourists and a nice mix of local people, it also attracts artists, musicians (buskers) and various sales people offering hand made crafts. One can spend hours walking around on the bridge and soaking up the atmosphere.

Charles Bridge in Prague Czech Republic
View over Charles Bridge and the statues
Charles Bridge in Prague Czech Republic
Strolling on Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge by night in Prague Czech Republic
Charles Bridge by night

The construction of the Charles Bridge began in the 14th century and later some 30 mainly baroque sculptures were added to it. The entire length is 621 metres and it used to be the major connection between the Prague Castle and the Old Town.

Charles Bridge Prague Czech Republic
Charles Bridge by night

Prague by night

Prague is a beautiful city to visit during daytime and becomes even more attractive at night time, especially for avid photographers. Most of the buildings are lit at night and the city turns into a magical fairy tale.

Prague Castle by night Czech Republic
Prague Castle by night
Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
Charles Bridge and Prague Castle
Old town square Prague Czech Replublic
Old Town Square by night

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Food in Prague

One pastry you will come across everywhere in the streets of Prague is Trdelnik. It’s a cylindrical rolled dough wrapped around a stick and cooked over an open flame and topped with sugar. You see street vendors selling Trdelnik and a multitude of little bakeries and cafes that are continuously preparing fresh ones. You can either eat them plain or filled with various fillings like chocolate and cream. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I really loved them.

There are many great dishes to try when in Prague, even on a budget, however, one dish we can highly recommend is the pork knuckle. There are plenty of restaurants offering these giant, but oh-so-tasty knuckles. You can then wash all this meat away with one of the world famous Czech beers such as Pilsner Urquell, the first ever pilsner type blonde lager in the world, or the Czech version of Budweiser. The Czech Republic consumes the highest quantity of beer per capita in the world, more than the Belgians or Germans.

Trdelnik pastry Prague
Trdelnik pastry

Have you already been to Prague? What has inspired you the most in the city? Or what inspires you to go and visit Prague?

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Visit Prague in 25 breathtaking photos in Czech Republic| Photos Prague | Images of Prague #czechrepublic #prague #visitprague #praguebynight #praguephotos #imagespraque
25 Stunning photos to inspire you to visit Prague Czech Republic| Photos Prague | Images of Prague #czechrepublic #prague #visitprague #praguebynight #praguephotos #imagespraque

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