Who we are

Hi there, we are Sean and Sabine, Planet Earth based travel consultants, travel addicts, world nomads, digital gypsies, food lovers etc etc.

We met in 2009 while travelling through Namibia. Since then, we have continued exploring the world together.

When we met, we both had suitcases filled with travel experiences and haven’t stopped filling them with more exciting travel stories and experiences from our travel lives together, our speciality being Southern Africa. Collectively, we have travelled to 58 countries where we have each had the opportunity to work, live and study in a lot of them.

We travel, not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Why The Travelling Chilli?
All the good names were taken. Seriously though, but in a fun way, with The Travelling Chilli and our trusty Landrover Defender 90, we have decided to open up our suitcases of travel experiences past, present and future to the world and to inspire others to go out there and explore, be it a once in a lifetime trip or a yearly 3 week holiday, just as long as you savour the moment, no matter how long it lasts!
” I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list. ”

Due to the fact that we both grew up in 2 very different cultures (Sabine in Belgium and Sean in South Africa), it goes without saying that we both look at our travel experiences and life in general with a different view, we open each others eyes. With The Travelling Chilli we also aim to show how a couple coming from 2 different continents can travel the world together and teach one another new things every day, such as how to make each others coffee, how to make chocolate, the Belgian way, and how to braai, the South African way.

This is our story in a nutshell *insert Austin Powers quote here: “Look, I’m in a nutshell”*, but we are more than willing to answer your questions anytime and to give you more inside info on how to travel successfully as a couple, or just how to drop what you’re doing and get out there, even if you are single!

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