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While we do our utmost best to ensure the accuracy and integrity of information / facts provided on this site, all information on this site is provided ‘as is’, or to use the legal South African term, ‘voetstoots‘. In other words, we make no claim as to the accuracy or integrity of any information provided on this site or to the accuracy or integrity of any information provided by any 3rd party site linked to from within this site. We also offer no guarantee whatsoever as to the online availability of 3rd party websites linked to from within this site.

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Where it appears we are offering an opinion on a place or activity, we are in fact doing just that, offering our opinion. All of the places or activities we write about are based on our own personal first hand experience. It could be that if or when you decide of your own free will to partake in an activity or visit a location we write about, you might form a different opinion of such an activity or location. If we say we recommend an activity or location and you partake in the same activity or visit the same location based on anything we may have said on this site and things don’t quite work out the same way, you cannot, to put it bluntly, sue or hold us liable in anyway for any stress, mental anguish, losses or damages howsoever caused.

Basically, you cannot sue or hold us liable for any cause whatsoever relating to the attempted or actual use of this site as it was and is your free choice to visit or not to visit this site now, or at any point in the future.

Cookie / Privacy Policy

No, we do not leave literal cookies, such as chocolate chip or fortune all over your device. Instead, we make use of basic tracking cookies in order to deliver a more user friendly experience. In this case, such ‘cookies’ are in actual fact very small text files stored on your device.

We, and almost every other website on this planet use these ‘cookies’ to collect such anonymous data as to which internal articles and external ads you might click on, but we do not collect personally identifiable information such as your facebook password, home address, or credit card number. Leave that to the CIA / FBI / NSA etc. Ask Ed Snowden.

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Affiliates / Advertising Disclaimer

Please take note that we participate in various affiliate programs on this site. We also display advertisments by Google AdSense. In other words, if you click on a link within this site that in turn offers you the opportunity to purchase something by redirecting you to a 3rd party site, such as Amazon.com or Booking.com, and you in fact purchase something, we will earn a commission, at no extra charge to you. This allows us to run this site and earn a living. You are however in no way obliged to click on any affiliate link or to purchase anything through any affiliate link while using this site. You may continue to browse and enjoy this site for free for as long as this site remains online.

Please be advised that we are in no way responsible for the guarantee / warranty of any products or services purchased through affiliate links on this site.

We hope the above terms, conditions, cookie / privacy policy & disclaimer are clear. Should you have any questions or comments about the above, please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time and without any notice.

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