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How I manage to travel the world

  Stories of how people gave up their day jobs and sold everything to go travelling seems to be a very popular topic on news sites and travel blogs these days. Sounds very well-to-do and glamorous. I mean, who doesn’t want to sell all and spend the rest of their...

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The journey, not the arrival matters

Travel Quotes The journey, not the arrival matters by T.S. Elliot For most people travelling means arriving as soon as possible at the travel destination. The journey is mostly a burden that has to be taken in order to arrive, let alone the journey back home. For...

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Travel far, don’t look back

Travel Quotes Travel far, don't look back When travelling never look back over your shoulder, keep your vision forward. Travelling is experiencing new adventures. Go further, even though you think the road ends here. There will always be a way....

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