Namibia is a vast and beautiful country located in southern Africa. It is mainly known for its wildlife, stunning natural landscapes, ‘Skeleton Coast’ and spectacular red dunes. Around 80% of Namibia is made up of desert, giving it a very important role in the Namibian landscape. The largest part of the desert biome is located in the southern part of Namibia, which is where you can find the Namib and the Khalahari desert.

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When driving on the dust roads through the vast and arid landscape, one can enjoy some of the most spectacular views of the desert. Rocky outcrops, sand dunes, a great variation in colours, amazing wildlife and a lot of open space are an important part of the Namibian scenery.

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Vintage car and tractor with a view over the desert and mountains in the background
Vintage car and tractor with a view over the desert from Solitaire

One of the things you would least expect to see in the area are rusty vintage car wrecks. So guess what, you can see them in various places in the desert, when driving around to visit tourist attractions like the red dunes in Sossusvlei or the spectacular Fish River Canyon. Old rusty vintage cars from a bygone era, some covered with bullet holes, decorate the barren landscape.

man leaning on old rusted bakkie
Another vintage relic in the desert…

Cañon Road House

Canyon Roadhouse is an ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ lodge and campsite (or institution as they sometimes call it themselves) in close proximity to the Fish River Canyon. They have an impressive collection of original vintage cars like Chevy’s and Fords. It’s really worth a detour to visit this great and beautiful collection of memorabilia.

guy holding a sign saying you can get your woody serviced here
old truck with barrels in the back
indoor restaurant with old cars all around


Solitaire is not only famous for its apple pie, it also has a great collection of vintage cars. They are strategically placed to offer some amazing views over the spectacular surrounding landscapes. Especially at sunrise and sunset, walking between those old car wrecks is just fantastic with breathtaking views as the setting sun colours up the surrounding mountains and desert. It gives such a nostalgic feel to the area, taking you back in time.

rusted blue vintage bakkie in the desert
vintage car with cactus growing out of it
old red and yellow car in the desert
Very colourful two-tone classic

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Klein-Aus Vista

At Klein Aus Vista, on your way to Kolmanskop and Lüderitz, you can see the remains of an old Hudson car, riddled with bullet holes. Legend has it that diamond smugglers were chased all the way from the coast of Lüderitz, a mere 120 km, before they were caught by the police. The rusty car wreck has apparently been left, on purpose, exactly where it got shot at by the police, leaving a dramatic impression in the barren desert.

old hudson car riddled with bullet holes abandoned in the desert after a diamond heist
Old Hudson motorcar riddled with bullet holes

Other uses for a vintage car

Yuri camp has a very special and particuliar use for an old car wreck. They cut off the back part of the car and converted it into a toilet. I must say, it has some of the most spectacular views over the surrounding area and the desert. You could say that it really is a ‘bog with a view‘.

old half car used for a latrine with desert view
Yuri Camp, Middle of Nowhere, Namibia

What peculiar items have you ever found in the desert or out of the way places? Share your experiences with us in the comments!

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